Okanagan Bee Hives

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Standard Langstroth 10- Frame Hive

Our Langstroth hives are for the most part, standard with the following exceptions:

1.  Our R-5 insulated bottom board is standard on all hives.  Our research showed a considerable heat loss reduction with the insulated bottom boards.  A standard bottom board is optional.

2.  Our inner covers have 3/8" or "bee space" with an upper entrance on one side and 1 1/2"  depth for feeding and R-6.8 removable insulation for year-round insulation against the heat and cold above the hive.

3.  Several options for lids are available:  The telescoping lid seems to be the norm for beekeepers.  We prefer flush lids to allow for the hives to be moved together in the winter, spring and fall.  Also available is a simple flush lid of 3/4" plywood with a 3/8" rim and upper entrance underneath and an insulated R-5 telescoping lid.

4.  8-frame and 10-frame supers are available.

5.  Our standard 5-frame nuc box is constructed with the "bee space" above the frames as is the insulated SupRNuc (See next section).  It comes with two follow boards for expanding your nucs.

6.  Super construction uses the half-lap joint.  Although many beekeepers prefer the box joint, we feel ours is as strong with lots of waterproof glue and 2 1/2" 15 ga. staples.  1 1/4" staples are added at the corners for added strength.


NEW PRODUCT:  We now have introduced a set of "Hive Top Nuc Boxes" for raising nucs on top of your brood boxes.  Each is 8 1/4" wide, has #8 screen on bottom to separate nucs from the hive, an entrance hole on front and feeder hole on top:  The heat from the hive helps keep the nuc warm: